Thursday, 21 May 2009

spotify . . . . if you have to ask . . .

Yes, something REALLY free, and it sounds like fun . . . Sam the technician was listening to the radio when I stopped by . . . sounds good, but the NEXT track was Blondie as well . . Spotify will find all the Blondie tracks in the universe, and play them one after another, until you . . . They're at

Sunday, 17 May 2009

H O T Fashion . . .

This blogger is F A N T A S T I C . . . he loves fashion, and it shows. Have a look at

I couldn't go, but they took a few photos on Friday . . .

My buddy Beatrice (Choreographer. Photographer) ran an installation on Friday. I couldn't make it, but she has sent the link. See what I missed at . . .

Cindy Sherman . . . exhibition in London . . .

Cindy Sherman is on exhibition at Sprüth Magers Gallery in London. Read about it in the Independent at

Another listing for the exhibition gives a link to an article in The Sunday Times, lurking on the Web at

I just might be going to see her at Sprüth Magers Gallery on Tuesday. Maybe see you there . . .

We're ALL disgusted . . .

Giles Hattersley, writing in the Sunday Times today, has hit the nail on the head. To paraphrase, "How can we vote for any of these people, they should ALL be arrested".

The man in the photo, Douglas Hogg, paid £ 2,000 to have his moat cleaned, and charged it to 'expenses' through the House of Commons, as part of his 'second home' allowance. We paid for this, but he has now offered to pay it back. Read on at

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Claire Martin photographs druggies on the East Side

Claire Martin has tragic and beautiful images of people in the drug scene. I know this part of Vancouver well, and it hasn't changed a bit since the 1960's.

Find this show at Foto8 magazine, on the 'Net at

Martin Parr - an excellent article

The Telegraph article is very incisive. It has quite a few direct quotes which self-describe how he came to be how he is (a pretty wonderful and intriguing photgrapher, in my opinion !)

Find it on-line at

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

I did cycle to college in Paddington

I've been threatening to do it for months. I finally got on the bike and pedalled to college yesterday. It didn't rain, taking a full camera kit made it a bit awkward, but life can be like that. Five miles there, and five miles back, some lovely views across Regents Park, and a few uphill bits. i felt pretty healthy when I got back home.

What did you do yesterday ?

If you want to find out more about cycling in the capital, try going to the London Cycling Campaign at

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Melvyn Bragg is being pushed off the screen after 30 years

Mr Bragg has been telling us about 'the arts' on terrestrial TV for about thirty years. ITV has decided this week to axe the show, something to do with being hundreds of millions of pounds in debt . . . Bragg's show only pulls in one million viewers, whereas Mr Simon Cowell's (Britain's Got Talent) gets ten million. Different time slot, different promotional efforts, I think it's a shame, but . . . fnd out the whole picture, by Rosie Millard, in the Sunday Times on-line at

The next internet revolution COULD save your favourite TV and newspapers . . .

As you do, flipping through the paper, avoiding the sleaze and trying to update on the swine-flu stuff and the guy who took two weeks to finish the London marathon (one's on the front page, one's lost in the middle). Stephen Armstrong has touched on what I find really interesting, what will happen now that terrestrial television is disappearing, and being replaced by ???? So far we have 'digital', but where next ? And, could we become like Americans, where local and regional newspapers have gone bankrupt due to no-one reading them (free news-feeds from the 'Net) . . .
Armstrong's seductively well-written (short, quite short !) essay takes us through what they're doing stateside with Kindle and what we might be doing here with Canvas (next generation of BBC i-Player), but the BIG change is that what we've been watching for free might start to cost. And the feed might disappear from those hard-to-reach continents like India and Africa. Read this and splutter into your cornflakes.
According to Armstrong, it is, in fact the brave new face of communication. If you're under thirty, you already text and Twitter in real-time whilst everyone's watching the same programme on the box.

It MIGHT be the most interesting thing you read all week . . . if you're under thirty you likely already know all about it. . . The reference is

Saturday, 9 May 2009

May 2009 Photo Exhibitions in London

(Yes, I did get a photo-release from one of the very professional models in my parkland photo above) I Google'd for a half-hour this morning, and I found 13 exhibitions. We're trying to find a good one to go to through the HNC Photography course, and we might find it in here, at
(lots of prospective interesting places here)

Another one to check might be

Naturally there's an exhibition on at

I have no idea if this is just a blog, or perhaps something else. Help me out by looking at

This one is just barely still running

There's two concurrent exhibitions on at the Photographers' Gallery

There's also two concurrent exhibitions on at the V & A, which are at

Liberty's apparently is hosting Magnum. see a review at

Royal Opera House is hosting a choregraphy photographic exhibition. listed by Time Out at

In a spirit of impartiality I am also including a Time Out listing for photographs of bridges exhibition at

Fotofusion is running an id parade from the Killing Fields of Kampuchea, at

The Young Vic has a variety of TinselTown photos on display, Pictures of an Exhibition at The Cut SE1, listed at

Getty Images is doing the following this month, Slim Rich & Famous

End of listings, until next time . . .

MoMA exhibition : Model as Muse . . .

I'm looking for photographic exhibitions in London to visit, but this one in Manhattan is too good to pass up. The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion . . . even if Victoria Beckham did get in on the act for the opening . . . This one's on at Museum of Modern Art (famous both for its photography collection AND for its exhibitions). What do you think of the several minutes of video at the url ? ? ?