Sunday, 20 July 2008

I love these shots . . . what d'ye think ??

These images are in the exhibition but haven't sold yet. The square one is a medium-format fllm negative shot of Spitalfields, London, June '08. The 'underbelly' shot is a DSLR shot of Heron Quays DLR station, and the reflection shot is colour transparency (Fuji Velvia 50), taken at Canada Water, Albion Channel. Both shots below taken on 06 September '07.

Hey, I actually have a photo order book . . .

These four sold today. The square one is a medium-format film negative shot of Finsbury Circus, City of London, June '08. The rest are shot with the Canon 350 DSLR, 24-105 mm lens. The biplanes were part of an air-show at Clacton, Essex last August, the boat is beached in St Osyth, near Clacton, last August, and the weird clouds are at 1/3100 second from a high-speed train zooming in the Midlands last July. They were all sold as surface-mounted images.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Open Gardens on 20th & 27th July . . .

It's really the flowers and the lively juxtaposition of the hundreds of plants in a typically suburban garden which attracts people. My good friend Don opens his garden to the public every summer, as part of the big 'Open Garden' scheme nationwide. There is, as well, the jacuzzi, the teas, the cakes, the plants for sale . . .

I go there every year, and enjoy myself immensely . . . there are several other private gardens nearby [ see ].

It is very easy to get to, via the Victoria line, or via Overground Rail. There's also lots of buses. The weather is set fair for Sunday the 20th, and . . .

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Emirates Stadium panorama

Photoshopping is pretty cool, once you get the hang of it.

I went out to shoot local landmarks one summer's evening, and this was the most spectacular of the panorama's I shot. This is comprised of nine horizontally-overlapping shots taken with the Canon 350, using the 24-105 EP lens at 24 mm focal length; it was ISO 100, hand-held, autofocus and all images shot RAW. I chose one of the longest days of the year (18 Jun '07), and these shots were taken at about 20.30 h, facing away from the sunset. The final 'psd' file is 216 Mb, and was shrunk down to 72 x 20 cm for printing at about three feet long, at 240 dpi.
Obviously the image is of a sporting venue. I spend time there doing First Aid (for the 60,000 punters) on all the home matches - about thirty matches per season. This image has been printed four times now, twice for a local restaurant, once for the greengrocer (a life-long Arsenal fan) and now once more for a young lad who is soccer-mad (I've told him to sign up to be a steward - that way he gets paid to see the matches).
i am very pleased indeed with this image, and am doubly-pleased as it has been mastered in Photoshop, which can be notoriously difficult to use 'correctly'. For example, trying to get a precise 'overlap' when printing the same image onto two pages is awkward, until logic takes over.
Any comments are much appreciated. I shot this a year ago, but it is still good enough to be one of my best, out of the 600 panoramae I've created using digital media.