Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Midnight Apothecary - Funky pop-up bar

                                Alfresco bar -       MIDNIGHT APOTHECARY -          link above

We'd just been to see the Brunel Museum as part of Open House London (you can go either on-line   or read through the printed directory of all sorts of buildings and spaces in London that are 'open to the public' for one weekend in September each year, and then go and look around, wander all over the place inside and outside, ask all sorts of questions of the guides, and generally be as nosy as you want. Even No 10 Downing Street - Theresa May's new gaff- were open to the public last weekend).

We went up onto the roof of the caisson that was Brunel's engineering gift to the world (no-one had made one before)  and there it was - a perfectly-formed alfresco bar. Lottie Muir from Saskatchewan (same place as Joni Mitchell) had this idea to grow her own fruit and veg on otherwise not-used land, and then make bar drinks using the organic result.

The garden is quite secluded even though it's in the middle of the former Docklands, on the south bank of the Thames between Tower Bridge and  Greenwich. Brunel's Museum is at the end of the first tunnel under a river in the world, opened in about 1845, and now used for the London Overground train. The museum itself is open throughout the year, but we saw it for the first time last Saturday.

garden on top of Brunel museum

Lottie's book

Looks fabulous, but we were too early for the evening bar (opens 5:30 pm) . . .

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